Nograysunflowers started as a tribute to one of my favorite poems: "Sunflower Sutra" by Allen Ginsberg.

It has been with me since the days of AOL and Xanga.

This blog

Nograysunflowers is a blog dedicated to finding adventure where you are.

This is a community of seekers, dreamers, and revelers. You are here because you want more from life than the status quo. So do I.  

We've all been living a life full of expectations and secret dreams, and then feeling like a failure as each year passes by. It's time to come out of that funk. Big or small, you were made for adventures.

I'm here to find my magic.

Let's find yours, too.

#1000saturdays - I'd love to see where you end up!

My name is Elizabeth

I have been writing my whole life in one form or another. When I became a mother, I withdrew from the world into a place of fear and anxiety. 

#1000saturdays was hatched from a plan I had to get back out there, to say "yes" to more and help my children find their own places in this crazy, exciting world we live in. 

I am a big idea person who needs help getting started. I am interested in the sacred feminine, unschooling, language, magic, adventure, food, and conspiracy theories.

I live in Nashville, TN with my 2 young children and my 2 elderly dogs.



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