How Does Your Garden Grow?

My front yard has gone so long without being mowed that my neighbor offered to do it for me. 

   Will you look at this flowering collard green? It's glorious.


Will you look at this flowering collard green? It's glorious.


I love plants. I didn't mow the first day of mowing season because out of nowhere Star of Bethlehem started blooming in my yard and they were so beautiful. 

Then it was the wild violets, and obviously I can't mow those down because the flowers look amazing in salads and burritos. 

And now I have a concerned text from my neighbor, and I'm pretty sure they've been watching me standing in my front yard early in the morning munching on the weeds and thinking about what to do with all the Crepe Myrtle babies that have popped up in between the bushes. 

I need a plan for the landscaping. I want edibles and flowers, but I don't plan out what the space will look like. I buy half dead clearance plants from hardware stores because they call to me and now everything is a hodgepodge of some living and some not so living things. No wonder my neighbors are worried.

It's warm now and all I think about is digging around in the dirt. I've resolved this year to finally draw out a plan and stick to it, but we will see how that goes.

The rosemary and sage survived the winter and are thriving now in warmer, more humid temperatures. I'm hoping the clematis survived as well, but I haven't seen it yet. I let the lettuce and greens garden go wild and now they are all flowering like mad and I'm enthralled.

Really, the moral of this story is that I need a plan for the garden, much like everything in my life and I'm experiencing plan fatigue. I suppose you just sit down with a blank notebook and draw up all these different systems for things like finances, house repairs, yard sales, outdoor space design, blog direction, etc. etc.

All the etc.'s 

Instead of insisting that I can do everything myself, I said yes to my neighbor cutting my yard for free, even though I feel bad about it, and even though I will miss the yard violets. I'll draw up a plan for the landscaping later. At least the front will look like I have things together. 

Go where your wildness takes you.